The Design Process

Basic site design package


You've purchased your plan, but what's next? How does the process work? Well, we've created this resource to provide you with a clear, step-by-step look into our design process. Read through it carefully, and you'll know exactly what's to come in this exciting creative process, what you will be responsible for, and how our timeline will unfold. 


Step 1 - The Project Form

The first step in the design process involves you completing our Project Form. Complete this form and email it to teresa@illuminatedesign.ca. We will review it and create a basic blueprint of your site based on the information we receive from you. 

Step 2 - The site plan

The second step in this process is the development of the Site Plan. Think of this as a skeleton of your website and how it will be navigated by your visitors. We will complete this plan and email it to you for approval. When you've taken a look, you will reply and give us and necessary feedback and go-ahead for our next step.

Step 3 - Asset Collection

The next step is called asset collection, where we ask you to send us all of the information that we need to build your site. This will include personal information (for setting up your various accounts), images, copy, and any other content that we will require based on your specific site's needs. We will make a specific list of assets for you when we create your Site Plan. To get your content to us, you will share it with us (teresa@illuminatedesign.ca), using Google Drive. Sound too complicated? It's ok! We've created a resource to guide you through this process. Download the complete, step-by-step instructions below!


Step 4 - The Preliminary Design

In our next step, we will create our Preliminary Design. We'll create the home page and other main pages using the images and copy you've provided us with in Step 3. When complete, we'll send you a link to view your site so that you can get a feel for the design. Here, you'll be asked to give us the go-ahead to complete the design, or offer feedback if you'd like any aspects of the design changed. Once we have your ok, we'll begin to work on finishing your online masterpiece!

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 6.49.12 PM.png

Step 6 - The Final Design

During the next step, we will work on setting up all of the aspects of your online platform to create our Final Design. This will include the setting up of your professional email account, the purchase of your domain name, and the set-up of your Stripe account (if you'll be accepting online payments on your site). After we've added all of the remaining content to your site and are completely finished, we'll send you a link to your final design. From here, you'll be able to check it all out and give us the final ok on the design. 


Step 7 - The Hand-off

Our final step is the Hand-Off, where we hand your beautiful website off to you! In this step, we'll send you an instructional video that teaches you how to maintain your new site. We'll also send you a Guide to Your New Website, which will tell you everything you need to know about your new site, including all of your new passwords and where to go if you need assistance in the future.