The Inspiration Behind Our Work

As a mama, yogi and  entrepreneur (most recently added to the list), I am acutely aware of the current state of our world, and am increasingly grateful to those of the light-workers who are doing the virtuous and necessary work of brightening the future for our precious children and this beautiful planet.

Unfortunately, I see so many of my incredibly gifted friends and colleagues (wellness practitioners, yoga instructors, artists, etc.) living pay cheque-to-pay cheque and taking on too many projects; in-turn, sacrificing their own wellness. Beautiful, talented people with unique offerings - just struggling to get by. Through Illuminate Design, my goal is to nurture, support, and shine a light on what it is that these amazing people do. With organized, integrated online platforms to support our blooming businesses, we can set ourselves up so that our external wealth begins to reflect our inner richness.

The name "Illuminate Design" came from a place of knowing exactly what I want to do professionally, in this current moment, and that is to use my creative eye, unique skill set and tech expertise to build beautiful online platforms for those of you who are doing your thing to better this world.



Definition: To light up.

Synonyms: light (up), lighten, throw light on,

brighten, shine on, irradicate, enlighten

Whatever your project or unique offering, if it is in the spirit of creativity, innovation, community, and positivity, I want to help. I believe that this world needs more art, more music, more yoga, more consciousness, more love. If your pursuit shares our values and needs an online platform to increase its following, share its message, and optimize its reach, let's connect and build your online space.