Creating Incentives that Convert

In the online business world, having a beautiful website isn’t quite enough. To be successful, we need to bring visitors to our websites and get them interacting with our content. If we can captivate them and get them excited about what we’re offering, first-time visitors can become paying customers and clients. In online marketing, creating free incentives (sometimes called lead magnets) for our new visitors can be an effective means of getting them to come to our website and interact with us; giving them a reason to join our mailing list, share our website with their friends, or maybe even purchase a product. Here’s a list of helpful tips to guide you through the process of creating incentives that work.

1.     Choose what type of incentive to create.

Think about a free resource that would be truly appreciated by your visitors. Give them something practical; and something that they can use as soon as they receive it. Whether it’s a free guide to planning their website (like the one you may have signed up to receive from Illuminate Design!), a beautifully designed checklist to keep your fitness students on-track, or a free video offering up some of your expertise in your specific field, make sure it is valuable, practical, and relatively easy for you to produce. 

2.     Design it.

Once you’ve figured out what type of incentive to create for your website visitors, it’s time to actually create it. When doing so, remember to keep your potential audience in mind. In other words, use language that your visitors will be able to read, understand, and relate to. In most cases, this means keep it simple. Use what you know about design to make it look polished and professional, remembering that this resource may just help a potential client choose between you and your competitor.

3.    Have someone else review it.

A typo or poorly worded paragraph can result in you (and your business) losing your credibility almost instantly. Once you’ve read over your creation and feel it’s ready to publish, ensure that it goes to a second pair of eyes first. When we create a piece of content ourselves, it’s really easy to overlook a simple typo or grammatical error over and over again, whereas another reader can usually pick it up immediately. Choose an editor/reviewer that you trust, preferably someone with some experience in both your field and in writing!

4.     Put it out there. 

Once you’ve been given the ok by your trusted reviewer and any necessary changes have been made, it’s time to share your beautiful incentive with your online community. To make sure that it reaches as many of your visitors (and potential customers) as possible, be sure to share it on at least 3 platforms. We recommend the following 3 strategies: 1. Create a promotional pop-up on your website, so that visitors can sign up for it as soon as they land on your site. 2. Create posts on both Instagram and Facebook, letting your followers in on your new offering. *Tip: Canva is awesome for creating eye-catching social media images. We’ll write about them soon, so stay tuned! 3. Send an email (with a download link for your new creation) out to your mailing list using your preferred mailing list service. This will tell your followers that even though they’ve already been added to your mailing list, you’re still out to provide them with valuable, FREE content.

We hope that this guide helps you in creating effective, valuable incentives that get your visitors excited about you and what you’re offering.